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gefrorene Tintenfischblüte 1 kg pro Beutel 100% NW hergestellt in China



Processed Squid

Professional Supplier

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  Product Details


Frozen Squid Flower


Frozen Squid Flower is pineapple cut from Illex squid tube or wing by cutting machine. 

Blanching 10 seconds under 90℃ boiled water with EU chemical. 


After curving, all are put freezing room for individual quickly frozen, then, selected to ABC grade. 


Finally, all are packed by requirement.





Product description


  Product Name

  Frozen Squid Flower

  Raw Material

  Illex Squid, Todarodes Pacificus, Giant /Peru Squid


  Blanching,Carved,IQF,Pineapple cut

  Glazing rate according to customer’s requirement

  EU standard treated


  4*5*1CM/4*6*1CM before glazing

  4*5*0.8CM/4*6*0.8CM before glazing

  Accept customized processing.

  Shelf life

  24 months under 18 degrees below zero


  1kg/bag, 10 bags/ctn,

  1kg/bag, 5bags/ctn

  Bulk package or Customized package.



  Loading Port

  Ningbo,   Fuzhou, Xiamen

  Shipping Documents


  Delivery Time

  Within 15 days after received prepayment



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Firmeninformation WAS WIR TUN Wir haben uns 2007 gegründet und sind ein professioneller Lieferant und Verarbeiter von verschiedenen Tintenfisch- und Tintenfischprodukten wie: Illex-Tintenfisch, Riesenkalmar, Tintenfischfilet, Tintenfischblume, Makrele, Bonito, schwarzer Marlin usw.

As a leading seafood suppliers, our main aim to satisfy customers and market by our profession, quality, production, and efficiency .


We are capable to process 20x 40”containers of squid and fish each week. And also, we establish long terms and steady relationship cooperative relationship with many processing factories and cold stores.


With the professional team, large processing capacity and high efficient, we are your trusted partner.


We have a LOT of seafood.Seriously...a 

REALLY big selection of seafood.

Premium quality and competitiveness are paid more attention. we always select and purchase raw material from direct source carefully, then, transport to our processing factories and cold stores, or export to clients immediately.

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